Back to School 2020

All children and young people are being asked to return to school and college from the beginning of the autumn term, below are some links that you may find useful.

Returning to School

Wakefield Council have pulled together a range of information - from getting to school to guidance for teachers, school leaders, carers, parents and students. You can access the webpage here

Families Information Service.
Providing information on childcare throughout the Wakefield District and how some parents can access free childcare for their 2,3 & 4 year old children. They also provide information on parenting and relationships, recreational and play opportunities and much more. Find out more here.

Income Related Free School Meals

Have your circumstance changed? Are you now entitled to Income related Free School Meals? Do you claim benefits? Check your eligibility and apply on line now using this link.

School Transport Updates

For information on school bus updates, bus passes, timetables and changes to service please check the Metro website for recent updates.

Uniform Support

The following services offer help and support with your child’s uniform needs

Small Steps Uniform bank

We provide uniform for families in Wakefield district with a focus on Primary School age children. We can also help children at local Secondary schools, but this can take more time due to the demands for logos and sizing challenges as children grow. We provide all uniform completely free of charge. For further information take a look at our website.

The Bag Fairies

Offering bags of help to those in need. So far we have helped 140+ families struggling to make ends meet, or escaping violence, or just coming off the streets and having to set up home.  We offer help in supplying clothes, shoes, school uniform, bedding, curtains, towels, small kitchenalia which are all picked from donations of second hand clothing which are given to us by local residents and local organisations.  No referral is needed.  We help anyone who genuinely needs help. All we ask is that requests are made through our Facebook page.   All requests must be picked up within 2 weeks or we have to put the package back into our stock as other families may need those items.  We cannot collect or deliver. Find us on Facebook.


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